City of Rossland Online Services

Welcome to the City of Rossland's Online Services portal. This is a secure site, and we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal financial information. Once registered, you can link the following accounts to manage them all in a single place.

  • Utility Billing
  • Property Taxes
  • Business Licenses

First time users please sign up by following the red button below and linking an account. Existing users please log in. Once logged in you will be able to link additional accounts.

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Credit Card Payments

It is now possible to pay your Property Taxes, Utility Bills, Business Licenses, or Pet Licenses by Credit Card. Please note there is a 1.75% user fee for Credit Card transactions. Click the buttons below to access our Paymentus Credit Card Portal. The various account numbers needed are listed below. Please don't include any spaces, dashes, or decimal points, and include all leading or trailing zeros.

Utility Bills
14-digit Account #
Business Licenses
6-digit Customer #
Property Taxes
11-digit Account #
Pet Licenses
8-digit Account #