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You CANNOT pay your Property Taxes through this portal.  Please pay your taxes through online banking through your Financial Institution's website or via telephone banking.  Highlands is set up with the all 5 Chartered Banks and all Credit Unions.  See tab below:   PAY YOUR TAXES  for detail on what account number to use.

You CAN claim your Home Owner Grant through this portal.  See tab below: CLAIMING HOME OWNER GRANT (eHOG). Make sure to PRINT or make note of the confirmation # as this is the only proof that eHOG process was successful.  NOTE: our software is NOT yet compatible with hand held devices...you cannot claim eHOG from your cell or iPad.

REGISTER & LINK your account(s) to track the status of your transactions(s).  Please give staff a few days to process HOGs & ONLINE PMTS. see Tab below.

Rest assured, this is a secure portal.  We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal financial information.



Claim Home Owner Grant (eHOG) ** this is the final year local govt will administer HOGs **

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER TO CLAIM GRANT.  Please read the information below carefully and go to bottom of page for Grant Form.

IF YOU HAVE JUST REGISTERED, YOU MUST LOG OUT AND CLOSE ALL OPENED WINDOWS.  COME BACK TO THIS PAGE AND PROCEED WITH CLAIMING GRANT (eHOG).  Registering is only to check the status of your account(s).  Note it takes staff a few days to process Grants & Payments.

You will require the ACCESS CODE and Roll# from the upper right corner of your Property Tax Notice which is mailed annually at the end of May.  The ACCESS CODE is printed on the ORIGINAL tax notice only.  If you have a REPRINTED tax notice, the ACCESS CODE will not show.  You will need to visit the District Office in person at 1980 Millstream Road and present photo ID or request your ACCESS CODE be mailed to your home address.


FIELD: (3 DIGITS) DROP DOWN BOX 361 or 362 or 363 from your Roll/Folio#

FIELD: (8 DIGITS W/DECIMAL ) TYPE IN remainder of Roll/Folio# 15XXX.XXX


Claimants eligible for the additional grant for +65 will need to provide a valid birthdate.

The eHOG is only available through this portal until midnight December 31 of the current year. To claim LAST YEAR's Home Owner Grant (Retro HOG Application).

Remember the HOG must be claimed every year!

Please print this confirmation for your records or take note of the confirmation #; this is your ONLY proof that you claimed the HOG before the due date.  Note that all grants are subject to review before a claim is approved or denied, according to regulations of the Home Owner Grant Act.  

CLICK HERE TO CLAIM GRANT - this make take few seconds!

Pay Your Taxes Online Information

YOU CANNOT PAY YOUR TAXES THROUGH THIS PORTAL. The District of Highlands is now set up with most Financial Institutions and Credit Unions to recognize the District of Highlands as a payee so that you may pay your taxes through internet banking or via telephone.  Once you are logged into your bank's website, you will need to add Highlands as a Payee. Please make sure to choose the payee carefully as there can be several choices.  Yours will most likely look like HIGHLANDS, DIST (BC)-TAXES (no East or Grey in the name). You will then be asked for an Account Number.......

.... your Account Number will be an 11-digit number (ie. 36215999000) which is your Roll Number from the top of your tax notice -- DO NOT INCLUDE dashes or decimal.

For other payment options, please go to our website at www.highlands.ca, choose the PROPERTY TAX tab from the list on the left, then read PAYMENT OPTIONS.

Register & Link Your Tax Account(s)

IMPORTANT: if you proceed with the following steps to REGISTER, you MUST then LOG OUT and go to CLAIM HOME OWNER GRANT (eHOG) TAB above in order to claim eHOG successfully.

THIS IS A TWO (2) STEP PROCESS: A property owner must REGISTER in order to access property tax history such as past billing, payments and Home Owner Grants claimed.  Tax history for the property is available only as far back as the date which the property owner has owned the property. 

To create a profile, proceed to Step 1 - SET UP A PROFILE which will require a Jur/Roll# and ACCESS code/PIN (linked to the owner) printed on the 'original' property tax notice each year.  Rest assured, the District will not give out your ACCESS code/PIN over the phone or by email.  Please call the District Office at 250-474-1773 to request a letter be sent to you with your Access code/Pin or pop in the office with ID.  Step 2 - LINK TAX ACCOUNT TO PROFILE which must be done.

  • Click on REGISTER on the upper right corner of this page (beside LOGIN). Create a USER NAME and PASSWORD (minimum 7 characters) to set up a profile.  You will also be prompted to add a name that you would like displayed on your virtual account and an email address.
  • Click REGISTER.
  • Click on your USER NAME in the upper right corner to bring up ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT page.
  • Next LINK PT account by selecting ACCOUNT TYPE: PT-PROPERTY TAXES, then click ADD NEW ACCOUNT button.
  • Use the Jur/Roll# and ACCESS code/PIN from the upper right corner of your tax notice.
  • Click SAVE button
  • You may add more property tax accounts by choosing ADD NEW ACCOUNT again.


School District (SD) listed as part of your Roll Number, also known as our Jurisdiction Number:

SD#61=361, SD#62=362, SD#63=363 

Jurisdiction Number: 361, 362 or 363

Roll Number: 15999.999 (8-Digit plus requires decimal)

ACCESS code/PIN: XXXX (4-Digit) top right corner from your Original Tax Notice only

In order to view your property tax account, place your cursor over the ONLINE SERVICES tab above the District logo and click on PROPERTY TAXES.

For assistance or to obtain instructions on receiving your ACCESS code/PIN please contact the District Office at (250) 474-1773. 

Property Information for the Public

To obtain general property information such as legal description, assessment, or property taxes on a property in the District of Highalnds, please go to PROPERTY INFO under QUICK LINKS above.  The user can search by Jurisdiction-Roll Number (361-15999.999), PID (999-999-999), address, or  postal code.

Personal billing, payments and Home Owner Grant history is NOT available here.  A property owner must REGISTER with ACCESS code/PIN (please see section VIEW YOUR TAX ACCOUNT). 


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Property owners may wish to enroll in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAPP) to pre-pay next year's property taxes.  To participate in the program, you must sign up by July 31 of the current year.  Automatic withdrawals occur on the 10th of each month, running for 10 months of the year between August 10 and May 10.  Note: No payments will be withdrawn for June and July. The owner is responsible for making the final payment on or before the tax due date to avoid penalties and, if eligible, for claiming the HOG (Home Owner Grant) every year.

Once we have received the owner's PAPP enrollment form and a 'void' cheque, a fixed amount will be automatically debited from their bank account. The PAPP program allows the resident the convenience of paying taxes on a monthly basis rather than one lump sum, therefore, making budgeting easier and avoiding the risk of penalties. Important: you should note that should you discontinue participation mid-year, no monies paid into the plan will be refunded as per District of Highlands Bylaw No. 378.

The annual tax notices are mailed out at the end of May.  For those participants in the PAPP, your tax notice will show the tax levy less the total pre-payments.